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Garage Project

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 13:30

12 Kegs For Christmas

Kegs for Christmas is back, and this year, we're doing 12! All proceeds from 12 kegs, in 12 awesome Wellington bars will be donated to Kaibosh this Friday 19th December from midday!

We need your help - please spread the word and do your duty to enjoy a pint at the end of the week. Donating has never been so tasty!

Pretty much all of the participating venues are on the Craft Beer Capital trail, so grab an official map and collect your stamps while you're out sampling the brews!

EDIT 19/12/2014 1:33pm:

The 12 Kegs lineup, as announced by Garage Project on twitter so far is:

1. Hashigo Zake - Summer Sommer

2. Golding's Free Dive - Death From Above

3. Bin44 - Garge Project BEER

4. Malthouse - Pernicious Weed

5. Rogue & Vagabond - VPA

6. Little Beer Quarter - Burning Globe

7. Regional Wines - Garagista

8. Fork & Brewer - Hapi Daze

9. Basque - Califonia Uber Alles

10. Queen of Jackson - Pils & Thrills

Thursday, 24 October 2013 14:44

Sauvin Nouveau & Palliser Estate in-store

This Saturday we will be running a tasting of Palliser Estate Wines at the brewery, and tapping our very last keg of Sauvin Nouveau - this is a unique opportunity to taste Sauvin and Sauvignon side by side and see how the juice that we used in the beer, developed as a wine. 2pm - 6pm

Friday, 26 April 2013 14:10

Friday Night Tap Roundup: 26 April 2013

Back once again with an end-of-week Tap Roundup; your guide to where you can find Garage Project beer fresh on tap tonight and through the weekend. Our hardworking little bottling machine continues to crank out new varieties — the latest being Aro Noir, the stout which celebrates our location on the dark side of the street here in Aro Valley — but quantities are still very limited; bear with us while we build up stock (and work on ways to increase capacity...), and grab 'em while you can!

Here at the Garage Door, we're open until 9pm tonight, and from noon to 8pm tomorrow — with a very special 'guest star' in the form of the girls from Wooden Spoon, who'll be in-store from 2-5pm, giving away tasters and selling tubs of their delicious ice cream. On the flagon-filler, we've got:

  • Pils 'n' Thrills (5.5% American-hopped pilsner)
  • Hāpi Daze (4.2% sessionable NZ-hopped golden ale)
  • Pan Pacific (6% amber ale brewed with oats, golden syrup and toasted coconut)
  • Pernicious Weed (8% intensely NZ-hopped Imperial IPA)
  • Aro Noir (7% stout)
Plus — while we await the arrival of suitable bottles — we're pouring samples of:
  • Red Rocks Reserve: Pinot Noir barrel-aged edition
  • Cockswain's Courage: Double-barreled edition
And, elsewhere around town, we are reliably informed of the following:
  • Meow — A sneaky keg of VPA is on tap and Aro Noir's on the way, just in time for our friend Adam Page's gig tonight!
  • Regional Wines & Spirits — Pan Pacific is on the FYO
  • Southern Cross — Pils 'n' Thrills
  • Understudy — Pan Pacific
  • Fork & Brewer — Aro Noir
  • Big Bad Wolf — Mon P'tit Chou
  • Little Beer Quarter — Pan Pacific
  • Monsoon Poon — Pils 'n' Thrills
  • Bebemos — Mon P'tit Chou, with Pan Pacific to follow soon
  • Bin 44 — Pils 'n' Thrills, also with Pan Pacific to follow
  • Maranui S.L.S.C. — Pernicious Weed
  • The Backbencher — Summer Sommer
  • Duke Carvell's — Pan Pacific
  • D4 — Pan Pacific, and (amazingly and unexpectedly) the very-last keg of Day Of The Dead until its resurrection in November
Thursday, 28 March 2013 14:23

Thursday Night Tap Roundup: 28 March 2013

In this one-day early edition of the Roundup — in honour of the impending holiday weekend — we should first take a moment to remind you that we'll be closed tomorrow. If you've got plans for Friday that would benefit from some Garage Project beer, you should stock up now.

We'll be open tonight until 9pm, on Saturday from noon to 8pm, and then closed Sunday & Monday, returning to our regular hours from Tuesday.

On the taps at the brewery right now, for tasters and takeaway flagons, we've got:

  • VPA: Venusian Pale Ale (7.5% IPA)
  • Hāpi Daze (4.2% summer session ale)
  • Double Day of the Dead: Bourbon barrel-aged edition (11.1%, and soon to run out!)
  • Baltic Porter (8.1%)
  • Pernicious Weed (8% NZ-hopped IIPA)
  • Pils 'n' Thrills (5.5% US-hopped pilsner)
  • Mon P'tit Chou (5% French farmhouse ale / saison)
  • Summer Sommer (7.7% golden rye ale with Pohutakawa honey)
And we are reliably informed that you can also find the following around town:
  • Hashigo Zake: VPA: Venusian Pale Ale, and a sneaky keg of Lord Cockswain's Courage: Double-barreled edition — both of our 'Dr. Grordbort'-inspired beers in one location!
  • Regional Wines & Spirits: Pils 'n' Thrills should be on the FYO soon
  • Southern Cross: Pils 'n' Thrills and Mon P'tit Chou
  • Bebemos: Pils 'n' Thrills
  • Kelburn Village Pub: Hāpi Daze
  • Hop Garden: Hāpi Daze and Mon P'tit Chou
  • Ministry of Food: Mon P'tit Chou is about to go on
  • Avida: Hāpi Daze
  • Understudy: Mon P'tit Chou
  • The Backbencher: Hāpi Daze and Summer Sommer
  • Maranui: Pernicious Weed
  • Monsoon Poon: Pils 'n' Thrills
  • Duke Carvell's: Hāpi Daze
Friday, 22 March 2013 16:02

Friday Night Tap Roundup: 22 March 2013

In our Friday Night Tap Roundup — a regular feature on our Facebook page — we present a full list of the places we know of where you can find Garage Project beer fresh on tap tonight, and through the weekend. We thought it was time we also put a Wellington-specific edition here, too.

Our cellar door is open (at 68 Aro Street) from noon to 8pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Tomorrow, the Aro Fair is on, and we'll be — suitably enough — brewing a batch of our 'Aro Noir'. On the taps at the brewery, for tastings and takeaway flagons, we currently have:

- Hops on Pointe
- Hāpi Daze
- Baltic Porter
- Pils 'n' Thrills
- Mon P'tit Chou
- Summer Sommer
- Pernicious Weed (from a very fresh batch indeed)
- Double Day of the Dead: Bourbon barrel-aged edition

Elsewhere around town, we know of the following:

Kelburn Village Pub - Mon P'tit Chou
Malthouse - Pernicious Weed on Handpull
Southern Cross - Hops on Pointe, Mon P'tit Chou
Little Beer Quarter - Hāpi Daze & Baltic Porter on soon
Hashigo Zake - Pils'n'Thrills
Monterey - Hāpi Daze
Avida - Hāpi Daze
Understudy - Mon P'tit Chou
Bebemos - Hāpi Daze
Moonsoon Poon - Pils'n'Thrills
Duke Carvell - Hāpi Daze
Rogue & Vagabond - Pernicious Weed
Backbencher - Hāpi Daze, Summer Sommer
Maranui - Pernicious Weed