Sunday, 18 April 2021 13:34

Harvest Pilsner - Fresh Hop 5%

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What an exciting time, it’s Hop Harvest! – a highlight on any brewer’s calendar.

Particularly celebrated at Sprig & Fern Brewery because we are located dead centre to the action

- in the middle of Nelson Tasman, the home of hops. 

The fresh hops within this Limited Release beer are special. The phone rang, we drove, we chose, bagged them all by hand and without wasting freshness and time, got back to the brewery within 12 minutes, ready to drop them into the brew. Now that’s fresh! 

Enjoy a bold citrus aroma, tropical notes with a crisp, dry finish…and savour those hops!

Harvest Pilsner™, a Limited Release and the first 2021 fresh hopped beer from Sprig & Fern Brewery. 

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