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Upper Hutt beer fever

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Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the beer needs to stop flowing.

As we eagerly count down the days to the annual frothy highlight that is Beervana, there’s a perfect festival coming up to hold you over – Greater Wellington BrewDay.

Even better, it’s being held at a new venue in Upper Hutt giving you the perfect excuse to get out into the wider Wellington region and visit one of the Craft Beer Capital’s new hotspots.

Beer really exploded in a new way in Upper Hutt in 2013, when unheralded brewery Panhead took over a section of the old Dunlop factory, long shuttered and mothballed.

As we know, the move was a good one and Panhead exploded. It was also a good move for Upper Hutt, with the South Pacific Industrial Park transforming into Brewtown with, Te Aro and Boneface joining the mix.

So, with BrewDay fast approaching, here’s a few reasons to grab a ticket:



Brewtown, baby

The festival is entering its seventh year, but it hasn’t always been based in Upper Hutt. Starting in a

paddock just outside Martinborough, the event shifted to Trentham Racecourse a few years later to

move closer to the hoards. The Racecourse was fine for a beer festival, but a location purposely built

around beer is even better and Brewtown fits the bill. A shift from February to May has also allowed

for some breathing space away from the crowded summer events calendar (don’t worry, the event

will take place at Brewtown’s spacious undercover area).


Payback for your favourite brewery

Taking part in festivals can actually be quite expensive for a brewery, particularly those of a smaller

stature. Most hope to break even and view it as a marketing exercise, but BrewDay is sweetening

the pot for those taking part this year. When buying tickets, punters can nominate their favourite

brewery and there’s plenty of options – from major players Garage Project and Tuatara to smaller

operations such as Mean Doses and Double Vision. For each mention the brewery will get a rebate,

with 300 mentions earning the brewery entry into the draw for a completely free space. Ka pai.


Take the train

Upper Hutt may seem like it’s very, very far away for those in Wellington City, but you’re forgetting

the train! Jump on some public transport and take the short, scenic trip along the harbour and

through the valley. As an extra bonus, Brewtown is only 650m from the closest station (plus

weekend fares are cheaper, too!).


Surprise, surprise

Brewtown is the permanent home to an ever-growing menagerie of breweries. While the main

facilities of those in residence won’t be part of the festival, Panhead, Boneface and Te Aro are going

the extra mile and creating ‘unique spaces’ at the back of their premises for the event. Exactly what

these will entail is unknown, with the organisers even in the dark themselves as the breweries “want

it to be a surprise for all”.

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