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Big, Bought, Boutique - Beer Tasting

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Join Craft Beer College for a blind beer tasting series.

Big beer, Bought beer, Boutique beer will challenge your assumptions about "craft beer", "beer" and its owners.

Four beer styles will be presented, with a "big" brewery beer, a "bought" brewery beer and an independent "boutique" brewery beer. Four styles, three beers presented in each style, all presented blind. Let your senses be the judge.

The "big" will come from Lion Nathan, DB and Independent. 
The "bought" will come from four of the five - Macs, Emerson's, Panhead, Tuatara. 
The "boutique" will be Craft Beer College's choice.

The styles will be chosen based on what it says on the label, not what's entered into the awards.

12 beers, blind tasted. Light snacks provided.

Book this tasting with your email address for a 10% discount to the next - "How Much?" tasting on 4 November. Book both and receive a 15% on the final tasting in the series - "NZ versus the World" on 2 December.

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