How it Works Step 1| Get a Brochure

First you'll need a Brochure that contains our Beer Map and a Stamp Page! You can download one here, or pick one up from one of our featured bars!

Step 2| Collect Stamps

Next you get to go around the bars and collect stamps from our fantastic Wellington purveyors, or you can always make up your own trail. We have suggested a few trails, or you can make up your own! Each bar has a unique stamp that you can claim by purchasing:

A beer of any volume
A food item of any value
Any other beverage of any price/volume, including non-alcoholic

Simply ask the bartender to stamp your map when making your purchase.
Visit the bars in any order you wish - the paths on the trail map are just suggested routes, and the numbers are just to help you locate them.

See your brochure for trail particulars.

PLEASE NOTE: If we are running any other special trail-completion events, such as our annual green-hopped beer event Hopstock, you will be unable to collect stamps on our normal brochure during said event dates. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Hopstock 2014 runs from 23rd - 26th April 2014. Please use the Hopstock Trail Card to collect stamps during those event days.

Step 3| Submit the Map

Submit your map to us in exchange for a certificate and an exclusive "Craft Beer Capital Trail Completed" T-Shirt!

Rules and Fairness Policy:
- One submission per person/per year
- One submitted map = 1 prize pack, regardless of how many trails are completed on that map
- Shipping costs will apply for postage of prize packs, calculated based on destination
- One person can submit multiple maps and claim multiple prize packs on behalf of a group, however each map will need to be noted with a different name and email address. This may also increase shipping costs depending on number of packs ordered.

See the Submit Your Map page for more information and to complete your submission.

Please Drink Responsibly and Be Safe

The Craft Beer Capital trail is an appreciation of great beer and our awesome Wellington beer venues. IT IS NOT intended to be viewed or used as a "pub crawl" or a "piss up". Patrons who are intending to have multiple beers across the venues are strongly discouraged from doing this in a short space of time - spread it out, and enjoy some of the beers in half or tasting sizes instead of full pints.

Please note that you don't have to drink alcohol to be part of the trail activity. Trail Stamps can also be collected for food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases at each of the venues - so take a break for some lunch or dinner, or even a snack. Water will be readily available for free in all licensed premises, so take full advantage of this and have a glass between beers and venues.

On top of the strict liquor licensing and service laws in New Zealand, please also be aware that each bar has their own policies regarding the mitigation of patron intoxication and service of alcohol that you must adhere to. The involved bars have absolutely no obligation to afford special treatment to people visiting on the trail. You must be at least 18 years old to partake in this activity, or be accompanied by a legal guardian.