Secrets can be powerful – Who poisoned the All Blacks at the 1995 Rugby World Cup? Are we alone in this universe? Who really shot JFK? Why is Dai Henwood still a thing? Is it true that JFK shot first? A person with those answers would be a force to be reckoned with.
The day of the Malthouse West Coast IPA Challenge is one of just seven dates to be written into my paper diary at the start of every year – Mum’s birthday, Dad’s birthday, Brother’s birthday, Lovely Partner’s birthday, Said anniversary, Wrestlemania Day, and the Challenge.
Drop into Golding's or Pomeroy's during Road to Beervana, design a coaster and win sweet prizes! Winners will be printed and used in both pubs! While you're there, try our special Beer Baroness/Golding's Hoppy Sour collaboration brew!The competition runs from Auguast 8-12. Entries must be submitted in person. Bring friends, art supplies and and your creativity!  Check it out on Facebook or The Road To Beervana.
Monday, 09 July 2018 14:40

The Tastings to End All Tastings

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We always enjoy hosting tastings here at Hashigo Zake, for a variety of reasons. They are a great way for us to get to know the products we were selling better. They're also a great way to introduce new products and often whole new styles to our regular customers. And most of all they're a really enjoyable way to spend an evening. In 2018 it's a lot harder to surprise…
Friday, 22 June 2018 16:09

The Darkest Days

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By my reckoning, New Zealand just endured its longest night of the year. This insightful reckoning was based on the actual calculations of experts in the field of astronomy who are much smarter than me, and the fact that I read about it on the internet so it must be true. In retrospect, the information was posted on the New Zealand Herald website which is frequently the exception to that…
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 12:25

Project Silver - #6 Hallertau

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It has been a wee while between drinks as they say, so we've got a super special lineup coming your way this weekend.