There’s a blessed archipelago on the fringes of Polynesia. Its people are a unique blend of the original Islanders and waves of settlers originating from Europe and Asia. This is the foundation for its diverse cuisine and culture, combining a love of beaches and ocean with modern technology and a cheerful Polynesian greeting. Despite its Pacific location and history, its people include the Union Jack on their flag to this…
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In Cider Trading – Ciderhouse, 15 & 16 February

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Please allow me to introduce myself. Your Malthouse Blogger Neil Miller has asked me to fill in for him over the next few weeks as he takes a break after nine years of regular Malthouse bloggery. I’m Martin Craig, beer writer and Malthouse regular, and I will just have to do in the meantime. Neil and I have different writing styles [1] and my knowledge of Mexican wrestling, Star Wars/Trek,…
I am often being asked to, “tell me about that new Whistling Sisters place”. So, here you go. I spent some time chatting with Bede Roe (part-owner and sales person) and Dale Gould (head brewer) for this piece. It was great fun. Bede has an infectious energy when talking about the brewery and its background, and the vision for the future. It is also great fun visiting Whistling Sisters on…
It is hard to believe that we are nearly 1/12th of the way through 2019 already. I literally know people who have not yet finished all their festive ham leftovers from Christmas dinner. That is not a problem in my household - obviously - given my penchant for grilled ham sandwiches. It should be noted that I only eat them at Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, and/or Supper.   Putting…
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Planet Watson

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Planet Watson Darren Watson is an authentic champion of free speech. With apologies to anyone who knows this story well, in 2014 Darren came up with something that’s now quite rare – political satire in song form. Planet Key was recorded and released during the months before that year’s election, which is what you’d do if you’re an artist with political convictions, wanting to remind the populace of the faults…
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Nitro - Smoked Bock 6.8%

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Nitro Smoked Bock 6.8% We’ve created a classic malty and toasty Smoked Bock.    This balanced and flavoursome all German style beer uses Bamberg smoked malt to create a perfect balance between the smoky flavours and malty sweetness, all with the creaminess of a nitro.