Wednesday, 31 January 2018 08:26

Hop Selection No.2 - White IPA 4.9%

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This is the second (2nd) beer in our Hop Selection series. This White IPA has been brewed with a new hop selection called Hort9909 that has been bred from a European hop in the Plant & Food hop breeding programme Like Hop Selection #1, we have intentionally brewed a light bodied beer using 50/50 wheat and barley so that the beer can showcase the hop character.  This beer displays citrus,…
Wednesday, 24 January 2018 17:11

Lift Yer Kilt – Cooler than a unicorn

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As noted in last week’s blog, Malthouse is celebrating the great Scottish bard by hosting the second annual Robbie Burns Day festival which is sensitively titled “Lift Yer Kilt” on Thursday 25 January 2018 (tomorrow). It will feature close to a dozen beers from the Tempest Brewery in Scotland, and a Scottish food option of Lorne Sausage sandwiches.
Thursday, 18 January 2018 09:34

Lift Yer Kilt – A Malthouse celebration of Scotland

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I am proud to be Scottish. I was born in Broxburn, the knife fight capital of Europe, but raised in nearby Bathgate, a lower middle-class suburb with a much lower murder rate.
Welcome to the first Malthouse Blog of 2018. I hope you have all been enjoying at least some sort of break and frolicking in the generally lovely summer weather (except when a one-day international cricket match is being played, obviously).
Tuesday, 02 January 2018 15:59

Wellington Craft Beer Tour

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Come join us for a tour of some of Wellington's best brew pubs and bars. Over the afternoon, we'll visit three breweries, two bars and a beer loving burger joint for a late lunch - definitely don't eat too much beforehand! All tastings and lunch are included in your tour, along with a knowledgeable host who will tell you about beer and its history, and the history of the Wellington…
Over the course of my lengthy beer writing career I have, by comission or omission, intiated feuds with several muncipilaties from around the globe.   The most notable protagonists in my beer rants have been Hamilton ("City of the Future"),