Golding's Free Dive

Golding's Free Dive

At Golding's Free Dive, we love all critters great and small. Be they the honourable pooch or the humble stoat. And we believe it's our duty as pet owners and animal lovers to care for animals as best we can. 

That's why we've teamed up with Garage Project, Eat and Greet, and the Wellington SPCA to bring you Garage Project Fever: An 8 Tap Domination. 

Starting at 1pm on Sunday June 23, we'll be pouring the following 8 Garage Project beers:

- Death From Above
- Sauvin Nouveau
- California Über Alles
- Aro Noir (Handpull)
- L'il Red Rye
- Pils'n'Thrills
- Cockswain's Courage on Cask - Dry Truffled
- Red Rocks Reserve - Pinot Barrel Edition

To top it of, we'll be serving at 6 different hotdogs, each matched to a different beer. 

All proceeds will go the relocation of the SPCA to the Fever Hospital. Hope to see you there; because Beer is Love and we want to share that love with our animal friends! 


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