Golding's Free Dive

Golding's Free Dive

Saturday, 21 December 2013 16:29

Adam Page and the Counts

It's time to announce another exciting new first for Golding's: our first ever live gig! 

Yes, this Sunday 22nd (tomorrow!) beardy-saxophonist Adam Page will be rocking along with Riki Gooch and Ed Zuccollo, AKA The Counts. They'll be playing a special set of funked-up Christmas songs, along with some old favourites. 

The set runs from 4pm. Space is limited, so get here early. And we don't believe in cover charges. 

FB Event Here: 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 18:51

Yeastie Boys Dive Tea

Your Host, Hayley Adams will be serving wonderful baked goods from Leeds St Bakery with her own delicious delights all partnered up with the Amazing Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta.
$30 gets you the food and the Beer, awesome!

Sunday 15th December from 1pm.

We've finally hit December, and that means two things. First of all, it's officially summer (thank Zeus, not that seasons mean much around here). Second of all, it's officially pre-Christmas, and to celebrate these two facts, we're hosting two very seasonal events this week.

This coming Thursday (5th), from 5pm we'll be hosting a pop-up from another City-Market favourite, Mother Falafel. Falafel is of course, one of the more Christmas-y foods (because you know, it's from the Middle East, where Christ was born. C'mon, work with me here). Mother Falafel doesn't have an online presence at this time, but we did find this rather tantalising picture to show you what you're in for...

Our second event is the release of Behemoth Brewing Company's Chur Pale Ale (because Pale Ales are summery, right?). Andrew Childs, the brains (and sizeable brawn) behind Behemoth describes the beer as:

"NZ Pale Ale, 5.5% pale gold, medium to high bitterness for the style, large lashings of NZ Cascade, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and dry hopped like a mo fo. NZ Hop salad in a glass."  

Chur will be pouring from 5pm on Friday (6th). Supplies are limited, so you'd better get in! See you down here! 

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 15:06

Fritter Away the Day

It looks like hosting pop-up food stalls at Golding's is now well and truly a 'thing'. So far we've had Eat and Greet, Ramen Shop, House of Dumplings and most recently La Boca Loca. "But who's next?" you ask. 

Ok, so maybe you're not asking that, but you should be, because the answer is exciting: Fritter. Local Whitebait-Wizard Simon Williams has been making a splash hit at the Sunday Markets and will now be doing the same at Golding's.

Starting 3pm Saturday November 9, the Fritter Crew will be cooking up delicious Whitebait Fritters on our patio. Hope to see you down here frittering away your afternoon! 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 14:04

Dia del los Muertos 2013

With Halloween down upon us, it might be easy to forget another, perhaps altogether worthier festival: Dia de los Muertos; the Day of the Dead. 

Day of the Dead is a Mexican festival of remembrance dating back to ancient Aztec traditions.* In Mexico, families of the deceased gather together to remember, pray for, give offerings to, and celebrate the lives of those that have passed on. 

At Golding's, we'll be celebrating Day of the Dead in a slightly different manner; with beer! Yes, our good friends at Garage Project have yet again brewed up their cavalcade of Mexican themed beers to mark the occasion, and we'll be having them all on tap this coming Saturday! 

Starting at 3pm on the 2nd November, we'll be pouring:

- Day of the Dead, a 6.7% chipotle, agave, cocoa, and vanilla infused black lager. This will be served on tap and from barrel.
- La Calavera Catrina, a  6.0% maize lager, brewed with smoked habaneros, rose water and watermelon. Also served on tap and from barrels.
- Triple Day of the Dead, a 11.5% behemoth, brewed to mark the third anniversary of the Garage's DotD celebration. 

If five limited release beers wasn't enough to get you excited, our friends at Miramar's renowned La Boca Loca will be joining the party. They'll be serving up authentic Mexican tacos from 3pm on our outdoor area. 

Fancy dress is also an important part of Day of the Dead, so be hosting a dress-up competition. come in Mexican garb, with your face painted and you might just win a little prize or two! 

Whilst all this talk of food and drink is great, we should never forget the significance of tradition. In Mexico they build ofrendas (shrines or alters) to the departed. These traditionally contain photographs of the deceased and offerings of their favourite food and drink.

To honor this, we'll be building our own ofrenda. Please feel free to bring down photos and offering and we'll raise a toast to those who can no longer be with us. 

See you down here from 3pm.


*And it's not just 'Mexican Halloween'.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 14:56

Snakes Alive!

It's Halloween. Must be time for a Halloween party, and a special Halloween beer! Golding's is fronting the party, and Baylands Brewing is sorting the beer. But what to make, we fretted over a pint. Pumpkin beer? Too obvious. Green Beer? Too St Patrick's day. 

What about a Halloween Candy Beer? Now we're talking! And so this Halloween, Golding's Free Dive, in collaboration with Baylands brewery will be pouring Snakes Blood Wheat Ale, a Candy-Wheat Beer. Using a Wheat Beer base, Aidan Styles has boiled up gummy-snakes and strawberries. Ferment that with a Bavarian yeast and dry hop it with more strawberries and vanilla pods. 

Sounds... um, well, bonkers. And FUN! Is it good? Who knows. Is it exciting? YES! And hopefully it'll bring back those memories of hassling bewildered neighbours and eating waaaay to much processed sugar products! 

See you there!