Golding's Free Dive

Golding's Free Dive

As many of you will know, next week is Hopstock: an orgy of hop-extravagance, not seen outside the West Coast IPA Challenge. From Wednesday 23rd to Saturday 26th, 16 bars will be pouring 17 beers (with rumours of more beers appearing about the place). 

For our part at Golding's we've teamed up with Baylands Brewery to serve their fantastic wet-hopped IPA: Waifly.

Waifly is a big New Zealand style IPA, generously hopped with Wai-iti hops and then generously smashed with bucket loads of fresh whole-cone Nelson Sauvin and Cascade. This is one IPA you don't want to miss-out on! 

Waifly will be pouring from 12pm On Wednesday 23rd (that's tomorrow). See you soon!

Monday, 07 April 2014 17:23

One Solar Orbit Down...

"If you with to create a bar from scratch, you must first invent the universe" - Carl Sagan(ish, sort of).

Sorry, we've been watching a little too much Cosmos at Golding's lately. The simple fact is though, that we did start Golding's from scratch. And the amount of time that has elapsed since we opened our doors is equivalent to one orbit of the Earth around the Sun. 

What we're more or less saying then, is that it's our birthday, and we're going to have a party. 

The celebration will begin from 2pm on Saturday (12th April). To mark the occasion, we have a special tap lineup: Each of the Golding's staff has selected one beer to put on tap! So come on down and share a pint of your favourite Beertender's favourite beer! Will it be an Our Turn Your Turn with Tom? A Cassel's Milk Stout with Steve? Perhaps a Venusian Pale Ale with Kate or a Victory at Sea with Hayley! 

We'll be having rolling drink specials for each beer too. 

That's not all we've got either. We're carrying on our tradition of hosting pop ups with Will Michell of La Boca Loca fame. He'll be rolling up with his almighty Fire Truck kitchen, parking up in our courtyard! The menu will be announced soon on Facebook. It promises to be awesome. 

See you down here on Saturday and help us celebrate our first year of many! 

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 14:06

Beer and Bitterballen

We at Golding's Free Dive are Proud to announce our latest popup collaboration: Beer and Bitterballen! 

This Sunday at 2pm, The Montfoort Wafel Co. will be serving up Bitterballen at Golding's. Head on down and indulge in some Dutch Delicacies! 


Monday, 10 February 2014 14:19

Getting Our Funky Freak On.

Love it or loath it, Friday February 14 is Valentines Day. And whilst some like to buy into the the corporate myth of celebrating the martyrdom of Saint Valentinus at the hands of Emperor Claudius II (seriously, that's what the 14th commemorates), most of us just try to pretend it doesn't exist. 

Fortunately for us (single) bitter misanthropes, Golding's Free Dive is having a beer launch! On Friday from 6pm we'll be launching the 2014 Vintage of Funk Estate's Super Afro-Disiac; a beer laced with as many 'night-time stimulates' as possible. 

Ok, so maybe we can't entirely escape the Valentines thing. But if a stonking big Imperial Stout infused with chilli, chocolate, maca root, vanilla, honey and figs sounds like your kind of thing, then you should make it down to Golding's.

Who knows, it might end with some 'night-time activity'with that cute beer-geek you've had your eye on for a while...

Wednesday, 29 January 2014 14:47

Music, Sport and National Observances

What a week we've got coming up! We've got a public holiday, a gig AND one of the biggest sporting events of the year!

Starting with the least exciting: Thursday (February 6) is Waitangi Day. As you commemorate one of the more important days in New Zealand's history, also keep in mind that Golding's and Pomodoro are open as usual, and we have a firm disbelief in surcharges. 

Next on the list is this Sunday's gig (February 2). Adam Page and The Counts are making their last appearance at Golding's before Adam jets back to Australia-land. Each gig has been more riotous than the last, and this one promises to top them all. Head on down at 4pm to catch the show. 

Finally, next week has one of the biggest sporting events of the year: Super Bowl XLVIII (what were you thinking of?). On Monday (February 3) The Seattle Seahawks will be taking on the Denver Broncos (Go Broncos!). We'll be rigging up a big screen to play the game, and we've secured a live feed from the States that includes commercials! 

We'll also be putting on some lovely fresh American IPA and lining up some food specials. Beyond our beloved Reuben Schluman, we'll also be serving Mac 'n' Cheese, possibly in sandwich form...

Co-incidentally, we seem to have neglected to pay our Sky this week. So any other sporting events that might be happening next week, will not be screened...

Monday, 23 December 2013 17:11

Golding's NYE Cook-out


Hi kids, so we're planning something a little special for the afternoon of the 31st. We can't really do a big countdown at night cause of our licence so instead we're gonna whip up some steak and falafel on the deck, and close a little early so we can do some celebrating elsewhere! 

It's been a big year for us but we couldn't have done it without you, so happy new year!

BBQ on from 1pm, till sunset.