Come along to The Brühaus tonight (Friday 23/01/15 from 5pm) to try Behemoth Brewing's English IPA "Whinging Pom", brewed with their mates Weezledog Brewing Company from up in Jaffa-land.

This is a English IPA made with all NZ malt and hops but an English yeast strain. Big hops, big malts but really drinkable and flavoursome! 

It tastes well, proper good innit! 

Come along for a pint and a yarn... Freshin ya drink Gov'na?!

Join the Facebook event and invite your friends!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 19:22

Two Fingers Beer Launch @ The Bruhaus

The Bruhaus is proud to launch Two Fingers latest brew on Thursday evening from 6pm. The long anticipated 'Battering Ram' from Lawrence Oldershaw will be pouring until the end of Choice Beer Week and will add another string to our bow for our Battle of Britain celebrations. Little bit of info below, see you guys there!

Battering Ram
German Ale – (Doppel “sticke” Alt) 
6.5% Alc Vol
Doppel Alt – stronger, darker and carrying a more complex malt flavour than a standard Alt. Discover coffee, bitter chocolate and vanilla in this dark and rich brew with bitterness to balance.
Make the most of this special brew as it will only be brewed once a year.
Battering Ram Dopple (sticke) Alt is a celebration of German dark ales. The “Sticke” or secret . . . . . . . well this was originally a brewers mistake, word got around the local beer aluminate who then descended upon the brewery to taste a unique and usually stronger beer.
Whilst the original sticke’s were a mistake, Two Fingers Battering Ram is certainly not and is a deliberate and ever evolving delicious dark beer.
Why Battering Ram – a dedication to the punch this brew packs with historical references to the heavy wooden pile used to break into castles during sieges!

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:46

A Launch fit for a King!

A long time ago a very large ransom was paid for the life of a king. It was thought that the money paid was the only part of the ransom but a discovery was recently made in a mysterious cave[1] and we here at the Bruhaus are proud to present the most historic beer here, ever![2]

Our large team of Historians can now confirm, King Dickie's Ransom-The beer. [3] A  March (Maerzen) Seasonal pilsner. Dark gold with more malt character. Richer mouthfeel with honeyed notes. Enough hop flavour and aroma to give balance without losing it’s style. Perfect as the evenings start to cool down a bit. At 5.8% it weighs in with a bit more kick than an average Pils. Fermented cold and longer, as with traditional Lagers, to get the most out of the German yeast. Good with fresh snapper, soft cheeses and rice dishes.

This beer is based on a man who is remembered as a great English King, but is he really?

King Richard 1st the lion heart (1189-1199) a great English King? Non! He was French! He didn’t even speak English and spent only 6 months of his 10 year reign in England. The Ransom: After a few atrocities, Richard was captured and held for a Ransom of 150,000 marks. Richard's brother, Prince John, offered 80,000 and asked if he could he be kept a bit longer. Brothers!! So from the nation (the French) that hated the British pub/Ale culture, but enjoys frogs legs or a snail for dinner we say . . .Two Fingers monsieur!!

We welcome all of you to join us on Friday night as we become the first bar in history to tap this beautiful beer! We promise you it will cost significantly less than 150,000 marks, which is approximately 2 billion big ones! [4]

[1] To delve into how a brewers mind works when creating a beer would be like me walking into a mysterious cave, this cave is the mind of Lawrence Oldershaw the brewer at Two Fingers and a top notch bloke.

[2] Literally this beer probably has the most historical references out of anything we have stocked or place on tap.

[3]Our team of historians is limited to myself and in an Hollywood-esque fashion I often change minor and major details so things sound cooler and there are more explosions.

[4] According to the most reliable of sources called Wikipedia.


-Philip Zander.

Monday, 17 September 2012 09:06

Oh Lordy! The Funk is coming!

The concept of beer is a simple one really. Create a fantastic beer, a bar puts it on, people love it, teenagers rejoice the moment they turn 18 and can feel the beautiful malts and hops tingle their taste buds! (So it would be in a perfect world)

Sadly, Wellington was for a while a relative brewery wasteland in that for all the consumption, we were missing breweries. Luckily, that gap has been breached by some amazing breweries such as ParrotDog and Garage Project amongst others. One of those 'others' do not strictly brew in Wellington, they Contract brew. They create recipes, formulate plans and brew themselves small batches at Massey University for quality and control purposes before asking their friends further up north to make a bit more. The beers have been beautiful and the past launches have seen bars packed to the hilt and on Wednesday the 19th, we bring you another new beer from Funk Estate. 


"Oh Lordy" is their NZ Pale Ale, or a kiwi twist on an American pale ale. It packs a light colour and body with nice floral and citrus aromas. This is smooth and mellow but nevertheless pleasurable which gives rise to the "Oh Lordy" title.


Don't take our word for it though, pop down on Wednesday at 5pm for the launch and grab a pint of the new stuff for only $8!

Either that or if you have missed the rest we'll have both Coconut Rough and BIPA on too. (With a half-pint Funk platter of all three for only $15).