Thursday, 19 November 2020 01:41

Beer, Brewer & Brisket

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Brothers Brewery Brothers Brewery
The Brothers brewery team are down in Wellington for Beervana at they wanted to warm up for it by taking in some of the Jazz Festival at Moon.
Before The Ambassadors of Swing show later in the evening (, Brothers will be bringing their brass standard 'Double Contraband' Imperial IPA to our taps along with a few of their classics.
Head brewer Brandon Nash will be here if you wanted to ask him about his current plans, global brewing experience or just want to say thanks for the beers.
As the Brothers venues up in Auckland are also known for their BBQ food, the Moon kitchen are preparing 'King Oliver' a slow cooked Brisket pizza in tribute. The flavours will be designed to complement the lavish hoppines of the Double Contraband on tap.
Runs from 4pm and it's free entry until 8pm, when the doors open for the Jazz Festival show.