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8 Wired's 8th Birthday Celebration

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Just a wee reminder to all you 8 Wired fans out there. Malthouse will be hosting 8 wired’s 8th Birthday party this Sunday.


Aside from Launching 8 wired's new Pilsner we’ll also have 16 other beers on tap. There'll also be party games, silly hats, goodie bags, beer pong, 8wired iStout Chocolate cake and a Pinata!

This is sure to be a great night so make sure you come join the whole 8wired crew in their celebrations

Here’s the beer list

8 Wired German Pilsner – This is a brand new, yet to be named pilsner, brewed specifically for this party.

8 Wired Tropidelic (5%) – I actually talked to Soren about this (then) new beer for the same article last year. I like this beer, just not as much as Hopwired but then I like very few beers as much as Hopwired. It is flavoursome and (a bit) more responsible. Here are my notes:

“While Soren insists that 8 Wired Tropidelic is “not made to be a small Hopwired” he concedes “it kind of is if you look at the recipe.” He explains both beers “use the same hops but not the same proportions. Tropidelic leans towards big Motueka and Riwaka hops. The result is a nice drinking New Zealand pale ale. I’ve tried to keep bitterness lower and it is much lighter in colour and palate sweetness.”

8 Wired Semi Conductor (4.4%) – This was one of the lowest alcohol beers to ever make my coveted Top Ten list way back in 2013. Semi Conductor got there based solely on flavour. Beers like Emerson’s Bookbinder and Croucher Lowrider proved to many New Zealand drinkers that beers did not have to pack a lot of alcohol to have a lot of taste. Semiconductor has built on that legacy as a punchy, zesty yet responsible pale ale.

8 Wired Hopwired (7.3%) – I have been a fan of this beer for a long, long time yet I have not managed to better my March 2016 description:

“If you are unaware that I’m a huge fan of 8 Wired Hopwired IPA then, quite frankly, you have not been paying attention. At around 70 IBUs, it is a deceptively drinkable celebration of Kiwi hops (Southern Cross, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin) with a solid malt base supporting a veritable pyramid of hoppy goodness (grapefruit, resin, pine, passionfruit and fruit salad). I believe the technical term is “omnomnom.”

8 Wired Hippy Berliner (4%) - Soren describes 8 Wired Hippy Berliner, a hoppy sour beer, as “not very traditional because it is dry hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra and Riwaka hops. However, I wanted to keep the bitterness low so the beer is obviously tart but not super sour. To me, it tastes a lot like grapefruit juice, but not as sour or as sweet.”

8 Wired Cucumber Hippy (4.5%) – 8 Wired took Hippy Berliner and made a version which was racked onto sliced cucumber. Amazingly, it was hugely popular. I lose my faith in people sometimes but Soren probably consoles himself by lying on a big pile of money... and cucumbers.

 8 Wired Farmhouse Ale (5%) – Farmhouse is a sour, yeasty and earthy brew often compared to a Saison. It seems to pop up seasonally and is highly coveted by those who enjoy the style. There are a lot of them! Here are the brewer’s notes:

“It’s brewed with a big portion of Spelt malt as well as raw wheat and oats. For the hops, we have tried to keep the bitterness right down while maintaining a big US hop presence. So hops (Chinook and Cascade) have only been added to the whirlpool and as dry hops. The yeast is a new dry Belgian yeast...”

8 Wired West Island (6.7%) – I can only presume this new IPA contains large amounts of Australian hops as the “West Island” is New Zealand’s (sometimes affectionate) nickname for our much larger neighbour across the Tasman Sea, Australia. Flavours mentioned in reviews support this theory with orange, apricot and fresh tropical fruit prominent.

8 Wired Super Dank (6.2%) - To describe a beer as “dank” seems to be officially becoming a hip thing and I am down with that. I am one of the cool kids. Super Dank is a slightly hazy amber beer with a firm head. It is nicely bitter with notes of citrus, pine, caramel, caramel and (appropriately in this context) resin and grass. [4]

8 Wired Saison Sauvin (8%) – Soren says “this is a very modern, you might say new world, interpretation of this style. Based on the tradition we have used a Farmhouse yeast, which provides a plethora of funky, earthy, very "Belgian" flavours. From there we have upped the ante a fair bit by doubling the amount of malt, and thereby the alcohol, and loaded the kettle with punchy Nelson Sauvin hops.”

8 Wired Rewired (5.7%) – This is the relaunch of their popular modern brown ale. Now, I have previously described this style as a beer for “cloth capped whippet lovers,” While I remain proud to have written those words, I was probably a bit harsh on the beer. It is wonderfully balanced with notes of caramel, toast crusts and slightly fruity hops.

8 Wired iStout Unchained (12%) – This is a sour barrel-aged Imperial Stout. No explanation needed.

8 Wired Fistful of Cherries (6.7%) – This is a sour ale with Marlborough cherries aged in wine barrels. Why, Soren, why?

8 Wired Once Upon a Time in Blenheim – This is a new lambic style brewed with Sauvignon Blanc. It also has a fantastic name.

8 Wired Tall Poppy Red Ale (7%) – This is one of the best food beers I have ever enjoyed. It pours a deep red, throws a nose of fruit and pine needles, has a body with firm but subtle caramel underlying the tropical fruit salad hop notes, before a final surge of late bitterness.

8 Wired Flat White (5.5%) – This is a coffee stout brewed with (perhaps unsurprisingly) coffee, vanilla beans and lactose.

8 Wired Batch 2.18 (11%) - This may be the last time this fabled beer is ever on tap!