Monday, 27 November 2017 14:23

ParrotDog Microflora Launch

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Be among the first to try Parrotdog's latest beer series on tap. Microflora is a series of kettle-soured beers brewed to celebrate those invisible but indispensable organisms crucial to so much in ecology, health — and cuisine. Here, they’ve created a clean acidity that gives us a canvas on which to experiment with flavour.

Beers hit tap 5pm November 29.

Specimen A
Specimen A begins with a very pale malt base that includes a touch of wheat, acidified by strains of Lactobacillus. A saison yeast then ferments the beer down dry (and adds a hint of spice) before we add a heap of Nelson boysenberries — a surprisingly-recent hybrid of various berries from the Rubus genus with a tart fruit flavour and striking maroon hue.

Specimen B
Specimen B takes a simple pale malt base and ferments it with an equally straightforward ale yeast, so as not to overshadow the work already done in the brew kettle by Lactobacillus, and finishes with a significant dry-hopping from several varieties of Humulus lupulus. An uncommon but uncomplicated combination, focused on the interplay between bacterial tartness and citrus hop flavours.

Facebook event here.