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Berlin, only smaller

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Tiamana's Mini Pils Tiamana's Mini Pils

Berlin, like Germany as a whole is known for lager beers. Berlin's Schultheiss began brewing their Beliner Pilsner in 1902 and it is now an iconic beer in the city.

Wellington is often called the 'coolest little capital' and is known to have a penchant for the odd beer or two.

What happens when these two capitals combine? Well, Tiamana produces the Mini Pils of course!

Brewer Annika Naschitzki collaborated on this beer with her father, who once upon a time, was himself a brewer at Berlin's Schultheiss brewery. The resulting beer is a sessionable pilsner, using the same hops as the well known Pilski, but less taxing on the alcohol intake.

Win-win we say and we're pleased to welcome it to our tap line-up, so come on down to Moon in Newtown and give it a try this summer!

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