21-26 April 2021

Please note that this event is now over.

Not only is Hopstock a great opportunity to try some of the fresh hop brews from the 2021 hop harvest, but it's also an activity!

While the Hopstock trail is an 18+ activity, it is very important to note that you don't have to drink alcohol to be part of the fun and prizes!  

Special Hopstock Trail Brochures will allow you to collect a stamp from the corresponding venue when you purchase from them:

  1. Hopstock event beer (any size sold by the venue)
  2. Any food item
  3. Any non-alcoholic beverage.

You can submit brochures with at least 20 stamps by May 2nd 2021 to us to enter our Hopstock Prize Draw.

Submit your completed brochure online here


The brochure is available for download/print below, and limited copies will also be available at the Hopstock bars from the outset of Hopstock (21st - 26th of April 2021)

Download the 2021 Brochure

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The Normal CBC Trail During Hopstock

Feel free to do the normal Craft Beer Capital trail while you're Hopstocking around, but please note that our policy is for venues to give out one stamp per-item purchased.

1 item = 1 stamp in one brochure. 2 items = 1 stamp in each brochure.

Essentially, treat the Hopstock brochure like you would a normal one.

Please Drink Responsibly

The Hopstock trail is an appreciation of great fresh-hopped beer across all of our awesome Wellington beer venues. IT IS NOT intended to be viewed or used as a "pub crawl" or a "piss up." Patrons who are intending to try multiple event beers across many venues are strongly discouraged from doing this in a short space of time - spread it out over the six days, and enjoy some of the beers in half or tasting sizes instead of full pints.

Please note that you don't have to drink alcohol to be part of the trail activity. Hopstock Stamps can also be collected for food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases at each of the corresponding venues - so enjoy some lunch or dinner and snack regularly. Water will be readily available for free in all licensed premises, so take full advantage of this and have a glass between beers and venues.

On top of the strict liquor licensing and service laws in New Zealand, please also be aware that each bar has their own policies regarding the mitigation of patron intoxication and service of alcohol, to which you must adhere. The Hopstock bars have absolutely no obligation to afford special treatment to people visiting for Hopstock. You must be at least 18 years old to partake in this event, or be accompanied by a legal guardian.