1-6 MAY 2019

Hopstock 2019 Tasting Tours

7 venues, 7 beers, 2 food stops, private bus, your own guides

$80pp - Venue lists and online bookings at the links below

Tour 1: Starting Saturday 4th May 12pm

Tour 2: Starting Saturday 4th May 1pm


We're working closely with Wellington's Craft Beer College to provide these special guided Hopstock experiences.

All tours visit 7 Hopstock venues, and run for around 5.5 hours.

Approximately 30 minutes will be spent in each venue (food stops slightly longer), enough time to enjoy a glass of their special Hopstock beer (included in price).

Each tour features: 

  • The featured Hopstock Beers of 7 Hopstock Venues (approx 250ml to half-pint in size)
  • Buses will be used for the longer trips, otherwise the tour will be walking (short distances between venues). 
  • Food to keep your tummies from rumbling will be provided at two of the locations.
  • At least one lovely and informative guide from Craft Beer College, providing continual dialog about the bars/breweries/beers
  • Camaraderie and good times

Meet at the start time at the designated venue of your booked tour, where your guide will be waiting for you with name lists and some of those sweet neon-waxy-paper wristbands so you can feel spesh all day.

We will provide Hopstock stampable trail-cards for you to start your Hopstock collection activity, or you can bring your own if you’ve already got a head start on us!

All of this for only $80!? How'd we do that?

Luckily for you Craft Beer Capital is a non-profit society, which means we only need to cover our costs. Sometimes we even give stuff away!

Although unlikely, we reserve the right to change the venues featured on this tour at any time up until the tour begins. If this tour is cancelled you will be informed at least 24 hours in advance and a full refund provided. 
We take the experience and well-being of our hosts and participants seriously. For this reason, we ask that no party groups are booked into these tours (pre-wedding events, we're looking at you). We want them to be a safe and fun shared experience for all. 
By safe and fun, we mean the tours will be a safe environment for hosts and participants whatever their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, politics or physical appearance. 
Safe and fun also means that we expect participants to consume alcohol sensibly. We encourage you not to drink in addition to the alcohol we provide on the tour, and we may ask you to leave the tour if we are concerned about your level of intoxication.

Follow us on Twitter at @CraftBeerNZ, Facebook at /CraftBeerCapital for the latest updates!

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