1-6 MAY 2019

Our 32 confirmed brewers will be brewing 32 fresh-hopped beers for Hopstock 2019!

Check out photos on Facebook from the official draw event that took place at Rogue & Vagabond 25th March 2019.

Here is the fantastic lineup:

Who & What? Where?

Behemoth Brewing Company
Cheech and Chong / Hazy IPA / 6.5% / Taiheke Hazy IPA brewed with 200kg of Fresh Taiheke and Nelson Sauvin hops.

Boneface Brewing Co
Hop Beat / Rye Pale Ale / 6% / Nelson Sauvin Hazy Rye Pale Ale brew with a bit of Nelson Sauvin.

North End Brewery
Forty South / Fresh Hop IPA / 7% / Taiheke A green hopped harvest IPA released once a year after hop harvest. A combination of English IPA elements, including Green Taiheke, with a rich malt backbone and a resinous NZ green hop character. Marmalade and uninhibited citrus combine with rich malt and a tangy resinous finish.

Mata Brewery
Hop My Ride / Fresh Hop IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin Hop my Ride fresh hop IPA was 'dry hopped' in a tank packed with freshly picked Nelson Sauvin hops to capture the hops most delicate and volatile hop aromas.

Cassels Fresh Hop Ale / Fresh hop pale ale / 5% / Taiheke, Nelson Sauvin

Black Dog Brew Co
Hop Boxer / IPA / 5.8% / Riwaka Like the smell of an oily locomotive rag…but in a good way! This fresh hop IPA was brewed as part of the Hopstock 2019 fresh hop festival and uses 100% Riwaka hops – picked fresh and brewed with on the very same day. The resulting beer has a pungent, earthy green hop aroma with a bitter orange marmalade and a pronounced oily, resinous pine character. Finish on this beast is crisp and dry with an assertive bitterness, punching well above its weight.

Urbanaut Brewing Co
Praga Fresh Hop IPA / IPA / 6% / Nelson Sauvin A single-hopped IPA surging with FRESH NELSON SAUVIN hops. Steady, juicy flavour builds like a slow bassline as white wine characteristics and freshly-crushed fruit crash together in a manic crescendo - FRESH HOP flavours ready to explode."

Double Vision Brewing Co.
It's Alive! / NZ IPA / 6% / Riwaka It's Alliivvee! From the hills near Motueka, a small breeding program has yielded a freak NZ hop. Bringing all the freshness of Riwaka into the laboratory, this Saaz originated hop yields almost double the aromatic oil content of its mother variety. Handpicked on a Tadmor Valley hop farm and in the brew just 8 hours later, you will feel as though you are drinking from the vine! One of Dr.Green’s greatest creations yet; you can still hear the echoes of his screams... ‘It’s Alive!
Flavours: Riwaka Fresh-Hop Resinous-Citrusy-goodness. Best enjoyed with fellow hop-fiends.

Funk Estate Brewery
Please Please Please / Fresh Hop IPA / 6% / Nelson Sauvin Big Nelson Sauvin fresh hop addition on brew day followed up with a big dry hop at the end of fermentation. Simple malt base for an emphasis on fresh hop character.

Fork Brewcorp
Unicorn / Single Hopped Maize Lager / 5.4% / Nelson Sauvin A Maize Lager infused with freshly picked Nelson Sauvin hop cones. Unique, corny and Unicorny.

Fortune Favours Beer
The Huntress / Imperial Pilsner / 7.7% / Taiheke A hugely hoppy crisp lager with a sizable ABV.

Garage Project
Oh What a Lovely Day. Let’s Go Out and Pick Some Hops – The Wet Hop Edition / Spontaneous Wild Ferment / 6.8% / Rakau Oh what a lovely day, let’s go out & pick some hops. The latest release in our ongoing series of foraged flower ferments. For this brew, freshly harvested whole bines were plunged into a light golden base wort creating a spontaneous fermentation using only the wild yeast present hops. The beer was then allowed to age and develop for a year in oak barrels before being infused with another dose of wet hops flown straight from the harvest. The result of this brewery outing is a complex yet clean citrus like sour, bursting with a delightful fresh hop aroma.

Southpaw Brew Co.
Uncle Charlie Fresh / American Pale Ale / 5.9% / Taiheke A fresh hopped version of our popular APA. Replacing the motueka with fresh taiheke for an oniony, grassy hit. Subtly balanced with the US hops.

Kereru Brewing Co.
Fresh Hop Wild and Hazy Double IPA / Hazy Double IPA / 8% / Taiheke & Feral Hops An unfiltered hazy IPA made with freshly harvested Taiheke hops from Nelson and fresh wild hops from Upper Hutt's Mangaroa Valley, and then dry-hopped with Taiheke and Chinook hops. Big citrusy, hoppy aroma and taste, lovely malty backbone with notes of caramelised oranges.

Heyday Beer Co.
Cloud Dragon / New England IPA / 8% / Freestyle Farms Nelson Sauvin Lot 10 Cloud Dragon is a modern interpretation everything we look for and love about IPA. We used our brewers favorite hop Nelson Sauvin from Freestyle Farms. It packs a lovely aroma of dank passionfruit, and lychee.

Sawmill Brewery
Fresh Hopped White IPA / IPA-White / 6.2% / Nelson Sauvin This juicy number was brewed with a simple Belgian Witbier grain bill including wheat and flaked oats and paired with a Wit yeast strain. On top of this base is a borderline insane amount of fresh Nelson Sauvin hop cones which give big aromas of tropical fruit, grape, and herbaceous notes. The spicy, fruity yeast character mingles seamlessly with the juicy, oily hop presence on the taste, which finishes dry for balance. A highly refreshing and interesting take on a fresh hop beer, which maintains drinkability with a huge hop flavour.

Invictus / Unfiltered IPA / 6.8% / Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka Fresh Hop NZIPA

Choice Bros
Petrichor / Harvest Ale / 5% / Rakau A clean lager malt base and 100% Rakau from Block 1 of Freestyle Hop Farm harvested in late March, the last week of the hop harvest, to ensure the freshest example of fresh hops with no pallets or dry hopping. There's no tricks or cheating here. This is a true representation of the varietal and terroir of the block.

Brew Union Brewing Co
TurboJuice 19 / Indian Pale Lager / 6.5% / Taiheke 2019 Green hop!!! A crisp light malt back bone, a crisp bitterness, aroma and zesty flavours of grapefruit, limes and that ever present Taiheke pine and resin.

Renaissance Brewery
Fresh Off The Bine Hazy IPL / India Pale Lager / 6.9% / Motueka A hazy, unfiltered take on an Imperial Pale Lager, brewed with an extreme amount of fresh wet Motueka hops. The hops were hand delivered on the day of picking from Kentish Man Hops (NZ smallest hop farm) directly to Blenheim and added at the peak of freshness to our brew already in progress. The result is a luscious hop-fest of a lager full of tropical fruit, lime, and apricot hop flavours. The beer pours light amber with a faint haze. There is a hint of malt sweetness with lots of up front fruity hop notes ending with a clean lingering bitterness on the finish.

Mean Doses
So Fresh & So Mean / IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin

Panhead Custom Ales
Redlined Vines / Brut IPA / 8-9% / Nelson Sauvin We're punching it with this year's fresh hopper, a fast and furious race against the clock to calibrate the raw goodness of Nelson's Sauvin harvest with a fresh batch of Sauvignon Blanc grape juice, picked up on the way back through to Picton. It's a high stakes, no brakes marriage of two sublime vines.

The Occasional Brewer
Heads In The Clouds / Fresh Hopped Hazy IPA / 7.9% / Nelson Sauvin Dripping with the scent of dank buds this Hazy IPA is cloudy in appearance, fruity on the nose, and full bodied yet crisp. Fresh Nelson Sauvin "heads" give the beer gooseberry and grassy notes mid palette, we then double dry hopped it to give it a tropical nose.

Croucher Brewing
Fresh out of Vegas - Midnight Edition / Fresh Hopped Black IPA / 5.5% / Nelson Sauvin A smooth black IPA brewed with fresh Nelson Sauvin hop flowers. A dark body & light brown head, this fresh hop IPA serves up notes of chocolate, pineapple, citrus and pine.

L.B. Fresh Hop Sour / Fresh Hop Sour / 5.2% / Nelson Sauvin A simple, pale, malt base was soured with Lactobacillus before being boiled and then steeped over an abundance of fresh, 4-hour-old Freestyle Farms Nelson Sauvin hop cones - which were flown across the Strait on the same morning as being picked. Big, clean, white wine and tropical fruit characters in a tart and refreshing ale.

Deep Creek Brewing Co
Fresh Hop / Nelson Sauvin IPA / 6.9% / Nelson Sauvin This year for the 2019 fresh hop harvest, we have once again focused on one of our favourite New Zealand hops, Nelson Sauvin. We used 200kgs of whole cone fresh Nelson Sauvin hops in the whirlpool, backed up with some Citra and Centennial hop additions. The result is a clean, dry, incredibly fresh IPA, with a classic citrus backbone and subtle tropical flavours.

Bassline Brewing
Fresh Hop Red House / Amber Ale / 5.2% / Atawhai Hops - A special variety grown in the backyard at the family home in Nelson A fresh hop amber ale, brewed with Atawhai hops: a mystery breed grown in the backyard of the family home in Nelson. It's a beautiful mix of flavour from malt - toffee, caramel - and a massive punch of hops - floral, tropical, citrus.

Hop Federation Brewery
Green Limousine / IPA / 6% / Nelson Sauvin Like sucking on a freshly picked hop, but in a glass! Big Gooseberry and Mandarins on the nose. Oily and resinous on the palate. Might as well grab yourself another whilst it’s available!!

Sprig & Fern Brewery
Quintessential Hop / NZ Pale Ale / 5.3% / Nelson Sauvin This unfiltered NZ Pale Ale has been brewed with one of the most sought after hops in the world. Our very own master brewer was the first brewer in history to use the Nelson Sauvin hop when it was released in the year 2000. Packed with gooseberry, citrus and wine-like characteristics, this really does pack a fruity punch.

Hops and Streams / Pale Ale / 6.1% / Unknown Wild Hop

Waitoa Beer
Hazy in Love / Hazy IPA / 6.3% / Nelson Sauvin Big and juicy this Hazy IPA is brewed especially for Hopstock 2019. Intense orange and mango flavours combine with a touch of pine allowing the stunning complexities of NZ's Nelson Sauvin fresh hops to accentuate Hataitai's newest Hazy IPA.

Whistling Sisters Beer Co
XXXPA Treble Hop / Pale Ale / 5.5% / Nelson Sauvin We have added kettle and dry hopping along with the Nelson Sauvin fresh hops to make this bigger and bolder version of our 'Double Up XXPA'

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