21-26 April 2021

Please note that this event is now over.

Who & What? Where?

8 Wired
Fresh Hopwired / Fresh Hopped Hazy IPA / 7.3% / Nelson Sauvin A trailblazer when first released in 2009. Hopwired was one of the fworld's first IPA's to be brewed exclusively with NZ hops. In 2012 we decided to mix it up a little by making a fresh hopped version. Being so enjoyable to make we decided to turn the creation of this beer into an annual event. Evolving it slightly over the years, we now present to you this Green Hopped Hazy IPA.


Baylands Brewery
Waifly 7 / IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin The 7th release of our flagship Fresh Hop IPA - Waifly. A teeth enamel stripping hop festival in your mouth!

The Hop Garden

Beer Baroness Brewing Co.
Witches Brew / West Coast IPA (NZ Hopped) / 6.5% / Nectaron A medley of Tropical fruit and Mandarin, grassy resinous fresh hop goodness, gentle malt character, with a dry finish and punchy bitterness.


Brew Union Brewing Company
Turbo Juice / Hazy Pale Ale / 5.2% / Nectaron Featuring New Zealands newest hop, Nectaron© we’ve thrown the rule book out the window and gone for a hazy pale ale. Loads of tropical fruit from Nectaron© and using an English yeast strain to throw even more fruit in the mix. We hop you enjoy.

Kelburn Village Pub

Deep Creek Brewing Co.
Fresh Hop / IPA / 6.9% / Nelson Sauvin Once a year, at hop harvest, we get to brew a beer with hops fresh off the vine. This year we are rebrewing our double gold medal winning Nelson Sauvin Fresh Hop IPA, focusing once again on one of our favourite New Zealand hops, Nelson Sauvin. We will use 200kgs of whole cone fresh Nelson Sauvin hops in the whirlpool, backed up with small Citra and Centennial hop additions for depth of flavour. The result is a clean, dry, incredibly fresh IPA, with a classic citrus backbone and subtle tropical passionfruit and fresh crushed gooseberries flavours.

Rogue & Vagabond

Double Vision Brewing
Full Hop / 6.7% / NZ IPA / Nelson Sauvin It’s been one year since 'The Cursed' spread across NZ. What a year... Making a return with hundreds of kilos of Nelson Sauvin, we have changed our recipe to be a lot smoother and lighter with an ale malt base and just a touch of crystal malt. Flavours: Huge notes of FRESH Nelson Sauvin bringing gooseberry and fruity notes with a traditional NZ pale ale base. With the majority of the hops added at the end of boil, the bittering is smooth and the flavours/aromas robust.

Double Vision Brewing Tap Room

Fork & Brewer + Double Vision Brewing
Hopunzel / Belgian IPA / 5.8% / Rakau As Fork & Brewer is one of the original craft beer institutions in Wellington and we have been mates for ages, we thought it’s time to have a play on your palate! As champion Small NZ Brewery 2018, and 2019 winners, deciding to work with us is an honour. #owlbeer – Brayden Rawlinson has come on board, and they are entering a new era of fun, funk and fantastic brews. Coming to the plate to create a special collab featuring their in house ardennes yeast, this is a mind expanding brew with notes of tradition and rebellion. Flavours: Fresh Hop Rakau brings tropical fruit aromas of passionfruit and peach to compliment the esters of the yeast.

Fork & Brewer

Fortune Favours
Fresh hopped Trailblazer / Hoppy Lager / 4.5% / Nectraron Fortune Favours favourite hoppy lager made even hoppier with fresh Nectaron ®, the latest and greatest from NZ Hops!

Fortune Favours

Garage Project
One Day in March 2021 / Fresh hopped hazy harvest IPA / 6.2% / Nelson Sauvin, Southern Cross Fresh hopped, hazy, harvest IPA. A juicy blend of Nelson Sauvin and Southern Cross , all picked on the same day at Freestyle hop farm, half of the harvest rushed still 'wet' from the field to the Garage and plunged straight into this beer, the other half quickly dried and added to the fermenter. The result is a beer overflowing with green herbal notes, lush citrus, resinous pine and tropical fruit. Just New Zealand grown hops at their harvest fresh best.

GP 91 Aro

Heyday Beer Co.
Sea Dragon / IPL / 5.8% / Riwaka, Motueka

Heyday Beer Co.

Hop Federation Brewery
Green Limousine / IPA / 6% / Nelson Sauvin It’s been said that nature’s first green is gold, and we tend to agree. The green in this brew comes from our Awamate Hop Garden, and the colour in glass a beautiful golden hue. Full of flavours that ooze long hot summers; think peaches, nectarines and other stone fruits. With a side serving of mandarins, and grapefruit, this is a Kiwi summer in a glass.

The Hudson

Kererū Brewing Company
Fresh Moose / Red Hazy IPA / 6% / Nectaron Fresh Moose is a hazy red India pale ale made with freshly picked New Zealand Nectaron hops and a complex malty backbone of red malts, wheat & oats. Delicious creamy mouth feel, stone fruit and tangerine aromas, with just a hint of pine.

Southern Cross

Mean Doses
Mean Mookie / Fresh Hop Lager / 5% / Motueka & Riwaka Don't ask this fresh hop lager what it thinks of Frank Sinatra. Just trust it to always do the right thing. With Motueka and Riwaka hops, this one's a friend to all people. It doesn't work too hard - I mean I'm not sure what it actually does all day - but it's perfect for cooling your nipples on a hot afternoon.

El Culo Del Mundo

North End Brewing
Quantum Leap / 6.9% / India Pilsner / Necatron An NZ Pilsner on steroids. Fantasy levels of Nectaron , crisp clean lager ferment. Beer for the ages.

Little Beer Quarter

Panhead Custom Ales
The Green Go / Fresh Hop IPA / 7% / Nectaron Straight outta Famoso, California. An immaculate piece of nasty nostalgia, echoing the origins of drag racing. Enter Palmy’s Smith army. An infamous bunch of blackbelt superchargers. Six second obsessives in a game that can't be won. Catch an eye and earful of Kendal Smith’s incredible 509 Big Block Front End Dragster obliterating strips appearing on Panhead’s social feed now. Loud pedals pair well with The Green Go, a hazed out IPA with Nectaron hops stacked high on a heavy oat jig.

Panhead Tory St

L.B. Nectaron Sour / Kettle Sour / 5.1% / Nectaron

Parrotdog Bar

Sawmill Brewery
Fresh Hop Riwaka / Hazy IPA / 6% / Riwaka Nothing better than a fresh hopped IPA! Big punchy grapefruit, passionfruit and tropical aroma from freshly harvestedRiwaka hops.


Southpaw Brewing Company
The Fix / 6.7% / Fresh Hop West Coast IPA / Moutere A fresh hop take on a classic West Coast IPA style. Full bodied with punchy bitterness. Spicy, oniony, green character from fresh Moutere hops. Well balanced, vibrant orange, and with flavours that jump out of the glass. Get your fresh hop Fix here.

Golding's Free Dive

Southpaw Brewing Company
Fall Classic / Hazy IPA / 6.3% / Nectaron Southpaw Fall Classic is our awesome hazy IPA creation, made with Fresh Hops, straight from the hop growers, into our beer. We brewed an awesome juicy hazy, and dry hopped it with loads of fresh Nectaron hops. Fresh hops give an amazing grassy, green, fresh flavour to beer, and Fall Classic smells like you're standing amongst the growing hops. Delicious, drinkable and best fresh!

D4 on Featherston

Sprig & Fern Brewery
GO BIG OR GO DIPA / Double IPA / 7.2% / Riwaka and Nectaron Our fresh hopped DIPA features Riwaka with tropical, grapefruit flavours and Nectaron, oozing with intense stonefruit and passionfruit. When we’re this spoilt for choice with lush green hops, there is only one thing to do… Go Big Or Go DIPA.

Sprig & Fern Tinakori Rd

Sprig & Fern Tawa

Three Sisters Brewery
Best Bitter - Fresh Hop / Best Bitter / 4.2% / Fuggles A classic best bitter using fresh Fuggles hops.


Tuatara Brewing
Hopollo / NZIPA / 6.8% / Moutere Lush tropical and punchbowl aromas from an all-NZ hop lineup, resinous with distinct citrus and passionfruit flavours and firm bitterness on top of a supple base of Maris Otter malt.


Urbanaut Brewing Co.
Pilsner / 4.5% / Motueka
Pale Ale / 5% / Cascade
Hazy Pale Ale / 4.8% / Moutere
Hazy IPA / 5.8% / Nelson Sauvin
IPA / 6% / Souther Cross
Double IPA / 7.5% / Necatron Six different fresh hopped beers (whew!)

Grill Meats Beer

Waitoa Brewery
Fresh Imperial IPA / Imperial IPA / 8% / Nelson Sauvin A big Imperial IPA featuring all Aotearoa Hops including a generous dose of Fresh Nelson Sauvin Hops in the whirlpool.

Waitoa Victoria St

Waitoa Hataitai

Whistling Sisters
Fresh As... / New Zealand Pilsner / 5% / Moutere Fresh Moutere Hops added at 3 different stages of the brew, this NZ Style Pilsner pours a deep gold with a creamy white head. The nose gives a load of fresh citrus hop aroma, with a hint of herbality. Bright and bubbly on the tongue, the hops really shine through thanks to a relatively simple malt base - this brings crisp bread flavours and a little bit of biscuit, letting our mountain of fresh hops be the star of the show.

Whistling Sisters The Fermentary